Our Staff

This is where we provide our staff's preferred method of communication with our parent community. 

JK/SK - Mrs. J. Barratt & Mrs. L. Walker - have a Twitter page and communicate daily through communication books

Gr. SK/1 - Mrs. J. Norman - communicates through the agenda and has a Twitter page

Gr. 1/2 - Mrs. J. Palmer - communicates through the agenda and uses Twitter and the Remind app

Gr. 3 - Mr. H. Gallagher - communicates through the agenda 

Gr. 4/5 - Mrs. Bocking - uses Google sites (students have their own website) 

Gr. 5/6 - Mr. K. Cahill - is using on-line communication (Google sites)

Gr. 6/7 - Mrs. MacDonald

Gr. 7/8 - Mr. C. Guild

French - Mr. D. Fleet - uses phone calls

Planning - Mrs. M. Norman

                                                                                            - Aug. 2018